Tips to add the unique personal element to your beautiful wedding Ring or Wedding Band?

1.Choose Customised Ring Instead of Ready made Rings jewellery

Having a customised ring that has all the intricacy, and nominal detailing as you prefer perfectly portrays the true meaning of personalizing your most important jewellery piece, your wedding rings. Sure, the stores represent numerous stunningly attractive designs, but the one design that only you are going to get on the finger has a special feel to it. Otherwise, the store designs will be worn by hundreds of other people. Now, with the advancement of technology, it has become amazingly easy and feasible for the customers to personalise their rings as per their requirements, budget, and preferences.  As per Joseph George Jeweller recommendation you can choose the style, setting of the pearls, number of carats, size, design, colour, and all other things just by clicking a few buttons on your computer. And your personalised ring will be ready in days and delivered at your doorstep. This method of personalization is not only convenient but also give you the best of value.

2.Gemstone Placement on Inside of the Ring

Ring with Gemstone

Personalization of a wedding ring can be done with subtle grace and elegance by setting the main gemstone of the wedding ring inside. Setting a small sized gemstone inside is a perfect option to declare the intimacy of deep love, romance, and to highlight all the special moments, an extraordinary feeling of passion and beautiful connection, that only a couple can feel about each other. This way you can give a personal touch to your wedding rings without altering the main external appearance and designing.

3.Make a Combination of two metals in a Single Ring or Wedding Band

weeding bands

The wedding is a special bond between two people who promise to remain forever together, despite all the contrasting personality traits. To perfectly celebrate the beauty of differences, likes, and dislikes, a two-tone metal ring is a stunning way, in which both of the partners can make a personal style statement by giving authority to choose the ring’s or band’s metal, as per their style and personal preferences. In today’s fashion trends, this type of wedding bands and rings have become a style statement. Use of two precious metals, both describing each partner’s personality and individual taste, gives a uniquely contrasting colour, and exceedingly beautiful appearance to the most treasured jewellery item.

4.Engrave your wedding ring with cute sayings

Make your fairy tale seen by everyone by engraving unique and exclusively romantic saying on the outside of your wedding band or wedding ring. The phrases can be anything from a simple “I Love You”, wedding dates, Your first kiss, or any other saying that only you and your partner know. Here are a few example for you to choose from,
I Love You
Yours, Always
All my Love
Our Love is Eternal
Always Together
Soul Mates Forever
The Beginning of Forever
Worth the Wait
Now that I have You
To the Moon and Back
Give me a Thousand Kisses
My Love Machine
Want to Grow Old with You
Still the One
Race You to the Shower
My Love, My Friend, My Life
You Fill up my senses
I Kissed You First
Put me Back On
Can I Kiss You Forever
Love is a Friendship set on Fire
Let’s Kiss!
You are so Beautiful
You are the Music to my Heart
Sidewalk to my Heart
Finders Keepers
To be Continued… Forever
Good or Bad, Happy or Sad
Wine and Milkshakes
I Chose You
You are my Bee
Love Comes Softly
My destiny
To Love, Honor and have Fun
Got Carried away (Wedding Date)
Legally Mine
I Guess this Means YES
You are my Constant
My Speck for Dust
Always there for You
1st Ring: To Have
2nd Ring: To Hold
Band 1: Home is where dumpling is!
Band 2: You are my Dumpling!
No Refunds! No Returns
You, My Love, are a Dream I call my Own
The Story of Love
The Calm to My Storm
His Band: She Stole My Heart!
Her Band: So I stole His Name
One Nightstand Lasts Forever
I Knew on 1st Kiss!
A Deal is a Deal
Band 1:  You don’t have to be afraid
Band 2:   I’ll be your baby tonight
Band 1:  I keep the ends out
Band 2:  For the tie that binds
Two Souls, One Heart
I said it First!
Don’t stop me now….. I’m having such a good time!
If you and your partner want to take things to another level and are not interested in wordings, then put your electrocardiograph engraved on the inner side of both wedding bands. Giving your partner an electrocardiograph engraved ring that has your own heart beat recorded is such a cute and lovable gesture that stays with your loved one forever. This certainly makes your ring only in the whole world. It’s the best way to celebrate uniqueness, deep love and soothing affection.

5.Customize Your Wedding Ring after Story Starts

newly married couple

The wedding day is the beginning of a new chapter of life, and your wedding rings or wedding bands don’t necessarily have to be static. TAs the relationship empowers, and you feel newness in this special bond with each passing day, you can cherish these moments by designing new rings that reflect your deep emotions.
For that, let the designing of the wedding ring simple, and save it to engrave something really special, some words that have special meaning after spending a year as a couple. And gift it on the first anniversary. Such little cute things not only look beautiful but also enhances the pure feeling of deep love and blooming romance.

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